• 12 years UAV solutions experience

  • Swiss quality software and safety control

  • Proven top of the line components

  • Extreme high quality and very low cost



  • Flight Modes: manual, position hold, mission mode (auto)
  • RC and telemetry communications range (LOS): 5km
  • Autopilot: Triple redundancy in gyroscop, accelerometers and magnetometers. Vibrations isolated IMU. 32-bit failsafe co-processor.



  • Hybrid operation: Vertical Take-off and land as a multirotor from anywhere. Long endurance flights as fixed wing aircraft. 
  • Automatic temperature sensor compensation for flights on hot and cold environments.
  • Smart RTL
  • State of the art Mission Planning Software and Ground Station with 3D capabilities.
  • Operated from a touch screen tablet.


    1. 1x Complete VTOL Frame, individually tested
    2. 1x Complete Battery Combo (1x16.000 mAh, 1x2200mAh w/ Charger)
    3. 1x Tablet with 3D Ground Control Station software
    4. 1x Remote Control
    5. 1x Assembly and operation instructions manual (Digital)
    6. 1x Basic Fabric carrying case
    7. Free access to our online training and course materials.