500 ha per flight

no runways required. Take-off anywhere!

almost no pilot interaction required

superior to most VTOL platforms

cost effective

high quality components




  • Hybrid operation: Vertical Take-off and land as a multirotor from anywhere. Long endurance flights as fixed wing aircraft. 
  • Automatic temperature sensor compensation for flights on hot and cold environments.
  • Smart RTL
  • State of the art Mission Planning Software and Ground Station with 3D capabilities.
  • Operated from and touch screen tablet. (INCLUDED)
  • Aluminum transport case. (INCLUDED)


    • Flight Modes: manual, position hold, mission mode (auto)
    • RC and telemetry communications range (LOS): 5km
    • Autopilot: Triple redundancy in gyroscop, accelerometers and magnetometers. Vibrations isolated IMU. 32-bit failsafe co-processor.
  • Free access to our online training and course materials.