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Relief Map of a Private Farm

The following study shows how using autonomous aerial vehicles and CAD software it is possible to generate a ground surface drawing with a great detail of the irregular topography.

Flights plan parameters

  • Overlap: 80%

  • Sidelap 60%

  • Sensor: Sony A5100 24Mpx

  • Speed: 16m / s

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Covered area: 112ha

Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Used: WINGQUAD 5 Professional VTOL

The network of photogrammetric support points (GCPs) were designed with the following characteristics:

  • Receiver: GPS L1 / L2

  • Measurement type: Differential

  • Method: Rapid - Stactic

  • Session time: 30min

  • Short Baseline: <15km

GCP MARK (White and Red)

After, the processing was finished in Pix4DMapper. Coordinates, angles (Omega, phi, kappa), and GCP were introduced to the make photogrammetric block adjustment.

Below is the distribution of the ground controls points marked on the resultant orthophoto

In the following table contains the GCP coordinates:

The information was collected at 1: 1000 scale. After processing, the generated results were the Point Cloud, Orthomosaic, Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and contour lines every 5 meters. The topographic map was generated based on the boundering of the property:

Based on the relief analysis and contours obtained from the topographic survey, it was determined that the property has a flat relief on 40.39% of the land area, in addition, it has a 25.93% slightly wavy relief and 33.68% of pronounced slope surface, as shown in the following table and description:

Finally, the Relief map

Flat Relief / 40.39%/ 20.48 ha

Slightly wavy relief / 25.93%/ 13.15 ha

Pronounced slope surface / 33.68%/17.09 ha

Using the DTM it was possible generate the contour lines as shown in the following map.

Using an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle it was possible to generate a relief map. Fusing CAD + Modern photogrammetry it is possible to derive maps as digitalization, relief and contour lines.

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