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Photogrammetry and photography

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Did you know that photogrammetry is associated with the invention of photography (Photo = light, Grapho = Description-Graphics, Metro = Measurement), do decade 1870 that began the terrestrial photogrammetry in the surveys and 1990 use digital photogrammetry, taking into account that photogrammetry is a survey method that allows to measure and record three-dimensional coordinates and reproduce very precise representations (graphics and photographs), nowadays technology is still advancing and we have modern photogrammetry, the world has been impacted by aerial photography that leaves you without breathing, it is so fascinating and easy to use, years ago it was more difficult to achieve aerial photography, now with the drones all is more accessible.

The cameras with drones have given a strong attraction to the general public, so there are many types of sensors we will show you what type of camera the drone can carry and in what situation you can use it, which are the following:

RGB camera for drone images allows us to perform photogrammetry in inaccessible places quickly and safely, in order to capture more accurate images in high resolution, and discover the details never seen from the distance that only a drone is able to facilitate, with its applications of red, green and blue colors.

Multispectral cameras are excellent for precision agriculture because it allows us to see through the bands' electromagnetic spectrum and visible and infrared changes that reflect the plants, these studies are used by growers to optimize the management in the fields and detect plants under stress, Control your knowledge, the frequency of watering. Infrared variations indicate changes in vegetation many before it appears in the visible spectrum, plus the data collected allows the creation of interpretation as Pix4Dmapper, where you can see the areas of crops that need to be treated.

The thermal camera shows the content in real-time converting its intense light into electrical signals,

this combination of technology allows us to perform inspections in industrial silos, high voltage towers, special monitoring for industrial facilities and areas critical to temperature

As we are a high-quality company that design and autonomous drone we have the ability to change cameras, it can be substituted to your needs.

By: Marbelis Godoy

Industrial Engineer

Business Consultant

For more information visit: www.latitudeas.com

Email: mgodoy.las@gmail.com

Phone: +1 347 960 6444

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