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VTOL refers to a capability for Vertical Takeoff and Landing, the operational benefits to take off and land anywhere are self-evident to most people. The first type of machine of this capability was the helicopter, which rapidly proved its benefit and versatility to operate from a variety of places, but its inherent range limitations restricted its application (Raymer D, 2006). On the other hand, conventional airplanes have been widely used and tested as the best option, ranging from civil transportation to war machines, proving their range, speed, and cargo capabilities. The VTOL aircraft joins the best of two worlds, the versatility of a multirotor with the range and speed of an airplane.

VTOL aircraft designs vary on a wide range of applications, from the US military V22-Osprey built for cargo and special ops. Through the mind-blowing futuristic designs presented by the UBER Elevate initiative that looks forward to the transportation of people inside cities, creating an interconnected network of autonomous flying vehicles moving faster and more efficiently than ever. And finally to a vast diversity of VTOL UAV’s designed and launched to fulfill different necessities of the commercial drone market, that is the case of Project Wing, an autonomous delivery drone service aiming to increase access to goods, reduce traffic congestion in cities, and help ease the CO2 emissions (Project Wing, X Company 2019).

In Latitude Aerospace Solutions we are passionate and committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) segment of the industry. With our WingQuad VTOL, we aim to a great market of the industry that is using drones to accomplish their everyday tasks. Gathering crucial information and data in a much faster and reliable way than ever.

Our VTOL relieves the past limitations encountered while using fixed-wing drones and multicopters, now is not necessary to find runways or open spaces to land your plane, or to worry about the limited range of quads. You now can simply rely on the completely autonomous systems of our aircraft and look for an automatized operation from takeoff to land.

Our VTOL has been used on a diversity of environments and applications, from topography and cadastral information, precision agriculture, biodiversity conservation, to security and surveillance activities. Proving to be a complete platform for industries and people who want to step up in technology application, helping them to have precise data and to make informed decisions about their everyday business and needs.

The future is now, huge amounts of research and development, as well as money, are being spent to shape the advances in technology that are going to be implemented in our everyday lives. Just imagine that the next trip you want to take to a crowded part of the city, to have lunch on your favorite restaurant, is no longer going to take you 1 hour, you are going to hop on a VTOL aerial taxi that will take you there in 5 minutes. Or even better you no longer need to get to that famous restaurant, you can just ask for delivery, that is going to arrive on an autonomous VTOL carrying your food quickly and still warm to your house. A lot of things are still outside this futuristic picture and haven’t been solved yet. Regulations, privacy, security and costs as well as many other details. But in Latitude Aerospace Solutions we firmly believe that we are walking on the correct path to make a better world with the use of our drones and to make everyone that is interested to fly without limits.

By: José Barzallo

Mechanical Engineer

LAS chief of Operations

For more information visit: www.latitudeas.com

Email: jbarzallo.las@gmail.com

Phone: +1 347 960 6444

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