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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Nowadays, topography, volumetric measurements, cadastre, and even agriculture have been evolving through the use of drones, becoming profitable applications that allow us to expand and optimize the results, guaranteeing accurate and quality information.

The information collected through the drone is considered the raw material of the final interest product that you want to obtain, for this, it is necessary to have tools that allow us to process these images so that they are reconstructed and generate the final results.

There is a series of software applied to photogrammetry with drones such as Drone Deploy, Drone to Map, Agisoft Photoscan, ENVI, and others. Due to its great processing capacity, accuracy and quality of results, in LAS we use the PIX4D Mapper software.

PIX4D is a brand founded in Switzerland that specialized in drone flight planning and drone photogrammetry software. This program is compatible with information collected from a series of RGB, multispectral and thermal sensors, with the ability to generate results such as: point cloud, ortho-mosaic, DTM, DSM, volumetric, calculation of vegetation indexes, thermal maps, maps of reflectance, 3D reconstructions, distance measurement, surfaces, among others.

With the use of the software Pix4D Mapper, in LAS we have processed several projects such as the cadastre of important cities, the forestall inventory of the Amazon Rain Forest, topography of dams on the coast, the survey of plantations health with precision agriculture, among others.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of software is the control that allows you to have results, their editing and even their interoperability with other tools such as Geographic Information Systems such as ArcGIS, QGis, Global Mapper, etc. where you can model, calculate indices with different bands taken by the different sensors that can be incorporated in the drone, do cartography and even generate georeferenced topographic plans in programs such as Autocad or Civil 3D.

Deciding to innovate traditional services with the help of UAV technology (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for its acronym in English) and information processing techniques have contributed to the development of LAS as a leading company in drone technology research.

By: Gabriela López

Geographical Engineer & Environmental Management

LAS Technical Coordinator & Sales Engineer

For more information visit: www.latitudeas.com

Email: mglopez2.las@gmail.com

Phone: +1 347 960 6444

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