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Modern Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a technique that has years being used, some recall it with manned aircraft, drones have replaced such a vehicle.

Nowadays, photogrammetry is a contrasting technique. If you are related to ​​topography, cartography, geomatics, you may be wondering: do drones work?

The technique is the same, now an autonomous vehicle and a parameterized digital camera are used, why it should not work?

Basically, the process is divided into 3 phases:

1) Planning: establish photogrammetric blocks, height, overlap, overlap, sensor, speed.

2) Survey: place the ground control points and let's fly!

3) Processing: join all the blocks, perform the photogrammetric adjustment with your control points, and ensure that you are within the tolerance to deliver quality products.

Sometimes it is a little more complex than these 3 steps depending on the area, but this is a blog to introduce modern photogrammetry.

What is the difference between modern photogrammetry with manned flight?

- Spatial resolution: you can have pixels up to 3cm or better, wich means that you can see in great detail!

- Logistics: you can move around from one place to another with great ease.

- Cost: it is not the same, one hour of a drone pilot vs an hour of a manned plane.

- Scalability: fly to the height you want, and generate a spatial resolution of: 3cm, 5cm, 10cm, etc., pixels.

A project is all about the cost/benefit rate. Drones have made the work more efficient and they are here to stay. The products you get are orthomosaics, digital terrain models, digital surface models, contour lines and point clouds, and you can now have whole cities reconstructed in 3D, it's great!

As a company, we manufacture autonomous drones, tailor-made for you. In addition, we offer photogrammetric services.

By: Bethania Peña

Geodetic Engineer

LAS General Manager Perú.

For more information visit: www.latitudeas.com

Email: bpena@latitudeas.com

Phone: +1 347 960 6444

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